Ego is not a dirty word, or is it?

Ego is not a dirty word

A very smart man told me this week that the ego is the unconscious compulsion to enhance our identity through association with objects. Is that bad? I love stuff!

Surely success can be measured in physical possessions? After all it’s the first stop on the success train – the new car or the bigger house.

Feels good doesn’t it?

I deserve this. I have worked soooo hard! What happens next? I want more. It’s like a drug.


It’s hard to be objective about this stuff when our consumer driven world encourages us to acquire things in the belief that they’ll add something to how we see ourselves or how we’re seen by others. A red Ferrari certainly has the potential to do that!

How can we truly value things if their only purpose is to find ourselves within them. This is what the ego does. Always more. This creates an attachment to things where the only measure of success is more. What happens if someone steals the Ferrari, does our success and self worth go with it? Of course not.

Living in a culture that equates self worth with how much and what we have means we’ll be chasing after this for the rest of our life in the vain hope of finding our sense of self there.

The ego identifies with having things but the satisfaction in this is relatively short lived. So we always need more, a new fix.

We have to get past the idea of needing things as status symbols and to feel happy and successful without worrying about what we have or what others think about us. This doesn’t stop us having really nice things and we shouldn’t feel guilty for having them if we enjoy them for what they are rather than what they represent to others.

A nice car is great and it makes me feel good when I drive it but I don’t let it define who I am or what I represent to others. That’s inside and believe me greatly enhances the satisfaction of having something nice. Because it’s for me.

Don’t you believe what you’ve seen or you’ve heard – EGO!


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