It’s easy to be spiritual when you’re rich

Spirituality with a million dollar view

Have you ever noticed how many of the people who give up the trappings of the material world to walk the earth in search of their higher selves have a pile of money in the bank?

For the rest of us we seek enlightenment and peace while contending with mortgages, school fees and a seemingly endless stream of bills. As they say on the commercials: fees, charges and limits may, and do, apply.

So how do we manage the complexity of modern life? The answer is in discipline and focus, which is something I‘ve been getting wrong of late and this was the result of trying to do too much not too little.

We need to focus on what’s important and realistic and not beat ourselves up for not working during every waking moment. It isn’t healthy to go through life like an Amway salesman on speed so we need to decide what’s important and allow ourselves the mental space to tackle it.

We talk frequently about balance but few are able to achieve it. This was brought home to me last week when a close friend died suddenly aged 44 from heart failure. He spent the last 10 years building a successful business for a wonderful retirement which sadly that will not happen. He missed out on much along the way.

Ideally we should be balancing work, family, health, friends and our current favourite project, enjoying each one while keeping them in proportion. It takes discipline to enjoy the activity at hand without allowing your mind to wander back to the office or the pile of bills on the living room table.

The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret.

To be more disciplined:

· Get up early for 30 days
· Surround yourself with inspiring people
· Finish what your start
· Keep your promises
· Be punctual
· Set and realise small goals frequently
· Control your reactions
· Visualise your dreams to make them real
· Exercise for 30 minutes a day

The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions. High performers have a bias towards action. There’s great power in just starting. Taking a single step towards a goal creates a result. Small daily improvements over time lead to outstanding results.


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