Removing barriers to success

Removing barriers to success

In the modern world of business our path to success is not always a easy one and despite our best efforts, positive mind set and creative engagement there are times when the decisions and actions of others can directly impact us and our well being.

 It is impossible to eliminate all external negative influences from our lives and when that negative influence affects our livelihood and self esteem it can create strong feelings of resentment, unhappiness, and an overwhelming feeling that ‘it’s not fair’ or ‘why is this happening to me.’  This can impact our future motivation and success and limit us by nagging at the back of our minds.

 Many people act irrationally and unfortunately this can impact on us in a negative way. When we try to rationalise their behaviour by our own standards of fairness or reasonableness, we can end up in a ‘mental death loop’ of trying to apply reason to a situation when no such reason exists. This can result in negative emotions that we have great difficulty getting past.

When your negative patterns stem from a specific event, such as being retrenched or passed over for a promotion, you need to take control and move past it so it doesn’t hold you back. Here are a few ideas:

 Identify your trigger points

Become aware of when negative thoughts occur. Your thinking may become distorted when you’re tired or when home or work pressures pile up. Monitoring your negative thinking patterns will help you identify what triggers them, enabling you to regain control.

 Don’t sabotage yourself

Expect and accept bumps in the road. Eliminate negative thoughts, recriminations and self-criticism. Don’t dwell on past incidents – learn from them and move on. Changing the way you view your world will allow you to see opportunities in the present without being affected by the dark clouds of the past.

Adopt coping strategies

Remind yourself that a particular situation does not define who you are now or in the future. Focus on improving your self-esteem and confidence, and your attitude will become more positive. Become aware of your thoughts and change your state when you feel defeatist self-deprecating talk creeping into your thoughts.

 Get some perspective

Reflect on the positives of your own life. We often become negative because we are impatient to get ahead, to achieve success on our terms. Look around; you may already have an impressive portfolio of assets, a lovely home, a healthy loving family and great friends that support you.  How much is that worth?

 Refocus your mind

Finding outside interests and regular exercise will boost your mood and self esteem. You need to find an enjoyable activity that provides relief and gives you something to concentrate on. Restore and old car, get back into swimming, pick up a guitar: anything that makes you feel good and you can look forward to. 

When you stop second-guessing your decisions, worrying about things beyond your control and feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll have a renewed purpose.


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