Step up and step out of that comfort zone


Outside your comfort zone

When you step outside your comfort zone and explore the unknown you unlock the potential to push beyond self imposed limits. Limits that live in your personal belief system today, but may not tomorrow.

It‘s not an easy path. Push yourself daily; work hard to improve mind, body and spirit. Believe in yourself and get to a position where your reality provides contentment and peace. We all have the ‘mental list’ that occupies our thoughts and creates discontent.  I really have to get fitter, I must lose some weight, I really should find out about that course, I have to speak to my boss about working towards a promotion. This is a ritual that is played out in our mind countless times a day and holds us back from progressing towards our goals.

It’s time to start doing the things that you didn’t have the courage to do before. If you really want to do something that makes sense to you then go for it – if not now, when? This doesn’t mean rush blindly in, especially if it involves you leaving a job or investing a significant sum of money. You still need to go through the steps but the challenge is to start! Take the first step and the second is easier.

By the way, none of the usual ‘I’m too old, too young, need to do a course, will wait until the market improves, wait until I have 10 years up at work or until the kids get a little older’ excuses. Find a way. Start small, start part time, work up to it but make a start and leave your baggage behind. Momentum is your friend.

If you want to own a cafe then work in one on the weekends to see if you like it and learn the ropes. If your goal is to run marathons then run around the block twice a week and build from there. There are no affirmations that can help you here; you actually have to do it. Go on, make a start.

As I have said before, what sets success people apart is that they do the things other people are not prepared to do. They don’t like them either but they’re prepared to put off a short term pleasure to gain long term fulfilment. In our example of the marathon, sitting on the couch watching television on a cold night certainly beats running around the block. I guess that depends how important your goal is. What do you really want more?

It can be a little uncomfortable when you have to face your weaknesses and fears head on and do something about it. With time, things that were once seemingly impossible become easy. With progress the things that were standing in your way of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity melt away.


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