Success and fulfillment in 2010

Success and fulfillment

Reality check – not easy, no get rich quick, no tattslotto winners, what do you want to do?

Setting goals to realise your dreams (visualise, create twice)

Focus on the important stuff

If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

Your relationship with money and opening the flow (there is enough for everyone)

Build on success (gratitude) acknowledge success and be thankful

Eliminate external barriers

The Power of Focus (manage your time, manage your mind)

The secret is effort, no shortcut to success. Take massive action

Failure is only failure when you give up

Associations – you’re the sum of 5 closest friends

Corporate or self employed – passive income stream, not swapping hours for dollars

Life balance, putting it all together

Reward yourself

Self belief, dismiss those who seek to contain you

Have an investment strategy even if starting small

Whatever you do, do well

Character is the business card of life, what does yours say?

Build a support network

Enjoy your friends

Making the change (your change)

Read and learn, learn and earn

Stop and smell the roses

Prosperity and inner peace

Small steps lead to a big result

Controlling your environment, swimming against the tide

Your personal brand

Enjoy the journey, live in the now

Prioritise and diarise time for you

How many ducks are in your row, how many do you want (or need)?

Your comfort zone is a bad place to live

Eliminate passive acceptance

Get rich quick = delusion, it takes work and focus, what’s yours?

Set your goals higher than anyone would ever set for you

Balance your life

Milestones to success

Make it fun

Live, love and leave a legacy 



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