The Best Water is Upstream

Upstream is smooth sailing

In speaking of wealth creation, many people complain of a mental ‘block’ when it comes to success, recognition and (especially) attracting money. This is common and it takes a lot of unlearning and acceptance to achieve the ‘flow’.

I didn’t believe in myself, thought myself unworthy of success and expected failure, though I never used these words.

It often felt ‘right’ if something didn’t work and I was happy that I’d at least ‘had a go’. Rubbish! I was setting myself up to fail from day one. When it didn’t work, I was able to retreat to my safe, comfortable, familiar, little world.

Some friends offered sympathy and said they’d known I wouldn’t succeed but that I had to find out for myself. Later, I realised they were actually happy I’d given up. When I did start to have success, they intensified their efforts to make me stop. Why? Because my success, even at a low level, highlighted their lack of achievements.

Why had I let their opinion matter? Because lack of confidence made me think they must know better.

I therefore learned to share with supporters, not hinderers, and gain confidence in my value as a person who didn’t need constant validation from untried non-achievers. I put up a barrier and kept swimming upstream – against the current.

Eventually, my momentum began to propel me and I was able to leave the negative ones behind. When I hit clear water, the speed of my success accelerated until my wake was impacting the shore.

Success breeds success and confidence lets opportunity meet preparation. People say I’m lucky because I grasp opportunities as they fly by. Yet this course of action is open to everyone: most simply are (or choose to be) blind to it.

I now look at those who warned me off property – said I couldn’t afford it and wouldn’t make any money. Many of them still own nothing. But for a long time I listened and assumed they were right because I had no faith in myself. Now I think: Great! That’s one less competitor on the road to success (though there is enough for everyone). With nine properties to date, I’m very glad I changed my mindset!

The key is taking action, not giving up and sometimes taking a huge bite and chewing like mad. There’s no secret formula or magic bullet other than hard work, determination and willingness to try new things. Effort and commitment are a price few are willing to pay.

Everything is created twice: once in the mind and again in reality. The first step is easy; everyone knows what they want. But it takes skill and time to put belief and passion into it, and let the Universe provide it, without sabotaging yourself.

The place to start is belief and acceptance. Learn to be a success; it can be done! Read or listen to The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. It holds a powerful message and is a great place to begin. Written in 1910, it predates (and remains greatly superior to) almost every other self-help book.

Download it free at


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