The secret of ‘The Secret’ is no secret at all


No secret here!

When we start talking about success and prosperity it’s inevitable that ‘The Secret’ comes up in the conversation. I have to say that:

1. It’s not actually a secret and has been acknowledged for hundreds of years

2. It’s based on the Law of Attraction which fundamentally says your  thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, create what happens in your life

3. Is the basis of what Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich (1937) and Wallace Wattles in The Science of getting Rich (1910)

4. It’s not magic, mysterious, nor does it have religious connotations

I have to confess to being over the hype that ‘The Secret’ created and the commercialisation around it. The benefit is that it introduced the concept of the Law of Attraction to a wide audience but took a very simplistic view of how to apply it and tied it up in mythical proportions around ‘The Universe’. There is a lot of mystery but very little how to apply it.

The key premise is that your thoughts control what you become, what you believe you can achieve and that a positive mental attitude will attract positive things to you. We all understand the benefit of a positive mental attitude and how that assists us to become successful.

I have written before that there is no traction without action. Watching the secret 20 times or waking up in the morning and chanting positive affirmations or attending seminars will not make it happen. They may be good to get yourself into the correct mind space but alone are not enough.

So unless you’re Harry Potter things are not going to mysteriously materialise in your life you have to apply some discipline and put in the effort to make it happens. The book and movie don’t expressly lay it out for you but I will, so here in plain English is the process to make the ‘Secret’ or Law of Attraction work for you:

Making the Law of Attraction work for you

You need to have a very clear picture of what it is you want. Set a clear goal so you can work towards it. Every time I have set a specific goal that I can easily ‘visualise’ I find ways of making it become a reality. Both my conscious and subconscious mind are working to ‘solve my problem’. You may have heard it said that all things are created twice: once in the mind and second in reality.

Next on the agenda is focus. If you have too many goals you cannot possibly work on them all simultaneously so pick your top one or two and prioritise them. We have all been guilty of working on too many ‘projects’ at once and the usual result is that we make very little progress with any of them.

The most important part is to then have a clear plan and take action. Without action nothing will happen and this is where ‘The Secret’ gives the impression that with a positive mind set and energy that the desired result will manifest itself before you. Won’t happen. No one is going to drop a new Porsche off in your drive or deposit a million dollars in your bank account.

The final piece of the puzzle is to be confident and never give up. Tony Robbins talks about taking ‘massive action’ and if it doesn’t work try something else until it does work and that you only fail if you give up.

I’m sure you have all heard the story of Edison failing 1000 times before he invented the light bulb or Colonel Sanders making a similar number of calls before someone would take on his chicken recipe. Whether the numbers are correct or not is not the point, not giving up is.

To summarise:

1. Set a goal that you want to achieve and describe it in detail so you can clearly see it  in your mind.

2. Focus your thoughts and energy on the goal and visualise the outcome

3. Work out a clear plan of how you intend to get there and allow yourself the time to come up with it

4. Take action and start working towards your goal. Don’t be discouraged if you have to change course along the way.

5. Don’t give up, keep trying and if it’s not working try something else and keep positive

I’m sure you’ve heard of these steps in various forms in the past and it’s just common sense without the hype.

So there you have it the ‘secret’ of The Secret!

In my next post I will show you how all of this links through to the concepts of prosperity, attraction, manifestation and why Think and Grow Rich has been so popular for over 70 years. I will also explain clearly the secret ( a lot of these going around) contained within the pages that Napoleon Hill alludes to but refuses to state which leaves so many readers frustrated.


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