What’s Luck got to do with it?

Are you feeling lucky?

My life has taken off in a magnificently really positive direction and I have been richly rewarded with the accomplishment of several major goals and a noticeable increase in the speed of positive outcomes materialising in my life. It started when I carefully considered and recorded my goals with a strong belief and emotion attachment to their achievement.

A major part of this was for the first time acknowledging what I’m truly grateful for. What a break through! It was like I had reached a plateau and was allowing myself the time to enjoy the view, take in and be grateful for what I had achieved, before reaffirming the next step, my new higher goals and setting out on the next phase of my journey.

By acknowledging my successes I grounded myself at that level, a new foundation from which to grow. It replaced a feeling of not having achieved enough, wanting more and missing out to one of enjoying what I had achieved with pride. I had to allow it.

Somewhere in all this I decided that I could actually play in the main game, increase my expectation as to the level of return and finally (believe) understand that I can create value without having to swap hours for dollars.


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