Effort and reward – knowing when your actions serve up tasty results


Dishing up tasty fare

In this series of blog posts on how we react to life serving up the unexpected, we have looked at what our reactions are, and how we deal with them. We have seen that sometimes the results we achieve are actually better than the goals we  set, if we are of the correct mindset to reevaluate, and accept a new path.

Open a door to new possibilities?

Often it’s not possible to see the new door as anything but a trap door below gallows.

And why should we? Our plan was solid, we worked at it and the results were different to what we’d hoped. Wasn’t this stuff meant to be easy? What went wrong?

The seminar we went to preached ‘effortless success’. Perhaps we should’ve invested in the CD set, planning guide and limited edition guaranteed success pen after all?

‘Millionaire’s secret finally revealed – The ultimate easy way of creating success and wealth effortlessly!’ Yeah sure, and I also believe that by using the super ab-fantas-toner I will lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks with just 10 minutes a day!

So, are all the notions of wealth, success and happiness just mirages in our mind? Should we settle for what life gives us and be happy with what comes our way? Can we really make a difference through hard work?

That depends on your belief system and attitude. It also depends on how you view the outcomes of your choices and plans. If life dishes up something different, it may be great or it may be that you need to try again, but the only way you’ll know is if you are attuned to your final outcome; if you are focused, persistent, dedicated.

What if you order a well-done steak and it comes out raw and cold? Would you try it? What if it’s steak tartare and specifically prepared like that? Perhaps it’s the most delicious dish you will ever taste. The outcome may be different from expected but if it tastes good then so what?

So, would you eat it or would you send it back? Would you even try it?

Perhaps you would if your goal was not the specific steak, but enjoying a tasty, wholesome and unique dining experience. That’s the key – knowing what you want and being open to different ways of achieving it. Only then can you measure your results against your goals and decide if your choices work for you.

1. Define what success really means to you.

2. Clarify your principles, core values and purpose.

3. Get clear about what you want to achieve based on your definition of success.

4. Create specific outcomes and commit yourself.

5. See what life (your actions) dishes up and don’t be afraid to taste it!


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2 Responses to “Effort and reward – knowing when your actions serve up tasty results”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    Nice one, WLBB; welcome back! 🙂

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