Enjoying the journey (to happiness)

Having fun along the way

Do you know you can allow yourself be happy, right now, without the need to meet a hundred conditions? Our upbringing has taught us that we must work hard and achieve everything expected of us before we have the right to be happy. Unfortunately that day never comes.

Happiness is the journey, not the destination. Achievement is a wonderful feeling but few stay satisfied for long. Consciously or not we recalibrate our targets and expectations and set off on the next phase of our journey.

Striving to be better off and to ‘improve’ ourselves is hardwired into our DNA and reinforced daily. Society expects progress. If you aren’t moving forward then you’re going backward. ‘What’s your goal this year? Where do you want to be in 5 years? When is enough, enough?’ Never, that’s when.

What happens when we finally get what we desire, perhaps the car of our dreams? We work so hard for it, read the magazines, look in the showroom and take a test drive. It’s all we think about. Then the day finally comes and we get it. Exciting, that new car smell, satisfying and a sense of having everything we desire.

Fast-forward to the near future and what happens?  We start to look at the magazines again, see what else is available and start to think about what’s next. Happens with homes, jobs and for some people even their partner!

It’s not the actual car that makes us feel good, the metal, plastic and rubber, it’s the sense of satisfaction comes from within. What we feel is the removal of the desire of wanting. Our ego is appeased….for now.

The solution is to enjoy the planning, the wanting and the fun along the way. Enjoy the journey because it doesn’t end with getting what you want. That is just a milestone. Have fun, embrace your success and enjoy the journey. That is the secret to fulfilment.


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One Response to “Enjoying the journey (to happiness)”

  1. Paul Hassing Says:

    Good on you! Writers write. And you’re writing. All power to your pen. Bset regards, P. 🙂

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