The source of success


Imagine your success and take it!


Consistent action over time is the key to fantastic results. Action and striving for continuous improvement, learning what works and what doesn’t, building your experience and the incremental successes make the journey fun. You don’t write a book in a day, run a marathon the first time you go out or lose 10 kg in a week.

Over the next few posts we’ll cover specific strategies that will help you start taking consistent action:

Put in the hours. You can become an expert in any field of endeavour by applying 10,000 hours to it. Don’t despair, you’ll be well on along the path with the things you love and do now. Career progression is an excellent example. Achieving five years experience is a turning point, when the struggle of learning and embarrassing mistakes gives way to efficient confidence and a desire to take the next step.

Five years is 250 weeks (based on 50 working weeks per year) which is 1,250 days (five-day working week), which is 10,000 hours (based on eight hours a day). Work harder and you’ll progress faster towards your goal.

Personal pursuits may take longer because of the available time you have for them but if it’s something you really enjoy then the journey is part of the fun. Progress provides you with satisfaction and pride.

Paul McCartney said to a woman complaining that she would love to play the piano but had left it too late: ‘Start today and in ten years you will play like a master’. Often the size of the challenge can be daunting but the crucial step is to start.

Take action, make a start and you’re on your way. Remember to enjoy the journey and celebrate the milestones. Do something you love and the time is an investment in yourself, not a sentence to be served.

Everyone, rich or poor, successful or otherwise has the same number of hours in the day. You cannot buy time. How you use it will determine your personal success and achievement. What you do reflects your personal values and drivers.

If you don’t have the time to practice the piano but watch four hours of television a night that says a lot about your priorities. If you value time in front of the television as more important, that’s not necessarily bad; it simply demonstrates that this is higher on your value list than playing music.

Once we move past direct parental and teacher influence on our actions it’s up to us. Only you can change your priorities so the choice is to change or accept them, whichever feels right for you.

On a personal note, when I talked with a friend (who writes for a living) about my own writing, and how I wished to get better but would always delay starting or could never find the time, he said ‘writers write’. And he was right.

One thing is certain. By taking a deep breath and taking action, you will make more progress than simply thinking about it.

 ‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’ Goethe


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4 Responses to “The source of success”

  1. agentontheloose Says:

    Very well said!!! I totally agree and it seems you are on your way. Bravo!

  2. paulhassing Says:

    Agree! Very well said. I actually need to lose 10 kg myself. Badly. Got any tips?

    • WorkLifeBankBalance Says:

      Yes, although I can’t claim to be winning on the weight front myself just at the moment and summer just around the corner but I’m on the way!

      Energy in, energy out. Exercise regularly and eat as healthily as possible. Eat whole natural foods and eat slowly. Have one day off a week to eat what you want and enjoy it – a great tip for sticking with it.

      Thanks for dropping by Paul!

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