The progress of time


Make time for the important things in life

Last post we explored the importance of taking action. Finding the time in our busy schedules can be a challenge – work, home, family, commitments and sleep. What’s left other than a few minutes to relax before it all starts again?

Time is the great leveller. We all have the same number of hours in a day, rich or poor, successful or not. Successful people understand time is an asset, a commodity that has value and cost. How do you plan to spend yours?

Manage your time.

Schedule It. If you schedule it, it happens. One of these days is none of these days.

Allocate time for what’s important. It’s easy to fill your day with the urgent and relative unimportant, leaving the valuable until later. It’s human nature to want to ‘clear the decks’ before tackling a project that requires focus and energy.

Procrastination is a killer of time and energy. It drives anxiety and frustration that can lead to giving up. Don’t let that happen to you. Progress feels great. Perhaps arrive at work 30 minutes early in the morning and use that time, or maybe at lunch.

The biggest challenge is making a start. Decide what you want, be clear on the outcome, break your goal down into manageable steps and make a start. You can get a lot done by allocating just 30 minutes a day. This is certainly easier than finding a two or three hour block.

Establish a rhythm of results and focus on delivering incremental value to yourself. There can be a lot of playing around the edges that won’t take you closer to your goal.

Reduce friction. Create streamlined execution paths. Create a fast path for things you need to do frequently. Don’t allow the task to expand to fill the available time. Avoid task saturation of trying to do much at once.  Decide what’s the most important and focus your energy on that. This will improve your effectiveness. Then you can ‘bank’ some time for you.

Allow yourself time to relax and switch off. If you hit a block put it aside. Go for a walk, go to the gym or have some fun. Release and your subconscious will work on the problem for you. I find so many answers ‘pop’ into my head when I’m out surfing. Truly relaxed, enjoying the ocean, feeling free and in tune with the flow. Balance in all things.

So, if you find you’ve got no time to spare, make some time to manage your time.


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One Response to “The progress of time”

  1. adamnrave Says:

    As someone who struggles with this from time to time, this is timely and well said! Thanks WLBB.

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