Showing up for your life


Showing up for life

The way we walk into a meeting says a lot about the way we live our lives. When we walk in on time and prepared, interested about what’s happening, willing to engage and be engaged then we are respecting others. If we’re willing to be an active participant with something to offer, this shows that we respect ourselves.

When we walk in with our eyes down, nervous and holding ourselves back we show to those present that we lack the skills and confidence required to be in the room. If we’re not really showing up for our own lives how can we ever hope to add value or move towards a state of personal fulfilment?

The one thing we can’t buy is time. Days, weeks, months and years escape our grasp at an ever quickening pace. Time allures us with the promise of a future with space to get things done so we don’t do them now. We get RSI – Repetitive Selective Indifference doing the same things day in and day out.  Don’t live life tramping down the same rat runs while your potential grows over with weeds.

When we show up for our life, we’re actively participating in being happy; achieving our goals, and living the life we really want. Anything less is a waste.  A waste of time, space and energy for everyone involved. There’s nothing to be gained from going through the motions. Sitting back and waiting for everything to come to you will only result in disappointment.

Life offers so much more. Ten years from now, what would you give to be back here today? To buy back time, to have another decade? We’ve learned to make a living but not a life, to buy more but enjoy it less. While time rushes on.

There is a way to show up for life: Make every day count and enjoy the journey.

If you need help, begin the process of seeking out those who can support you. If you need experience, find the opportunities that give you the experience you need to be successful. Whatever you need, look for it, and when you find it allow yourself to have it. Live life consciously and account for every day. Success will sneak up on you.


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One Response to “Showing up for your life”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    Nice one, WLB2!

    I showed up for my life when I was 32. Unfortunately, it had just left.

    Can I expect another one any time soon?

    Tardy from Tarcutta. 🙂

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