The paradox of failing

Success can be hidden in failure

Everyone gets waylaid by failure sometimes.

However the same set of circumstances that drives one person deeper into the abyss makes another stronger.

Dealing with failure boils down to three things. It’s a matter of controlling our emotions, adjusting our thinking, and recalibrating our beliefs about ourselves and what we can achieve in the world. No, you don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it.

Life’s a game of failure. And at the beginning you’re going to lose a lot. Those who are going to succeed are the ones who learn to accept and deal with losing. In sport, business and life it’s those who try to succeed, again and again, that ultimately win.

When you’re less afraid to fail, you’ll succeed more.

It’s really a sense of perspective. Your present moments are laid out against your past. What you perceive now is compared to what you’ve experienced. Do you have the courage and vision to see a new set of possibilities? Or to set better or best results as a personal high water mark and confront new challenges with optimism and energy?

But the great payoff in failing is that it gives us another chance, a strange sense of pride not just in the potential positive consequences of failure but in the failure itself. If we have failed, we have tried. Action is better than inaction. And one thing is certain: if you never try, you will neither fail nor succeed. Failure drives us out into the world to have another go and actively participate in life.

Embrace the opportunity and freedom this provides you. More than one path leads to success and there is so much to be leaned along the way.


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2 Responses to “The paradox of failing”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    ‘Life’s a game of failure.’ That’s a bit dark, WLB2! I never looked at it that way. This time, I hope you’re wrong. An interesting concept, nonetheless. Best regards, P. 🙂

    • WorkLifeBankBalance Says:

      Thanks Paul, It’s a difficult topic because I’m talking about failure in the positive sense. We often see or hear the word and it usually has finality about it. A big full stop.

      What I’m talking about is allow ourselves to accept levels of failure – or not getting the result we want – as a necessary learning curve to achieving our goals.

      Using the experience for good rather than letting it wipe us out, feeling bad a ‘failure’ and giving up. Seeing it as a positive opportunity to learn can set us apart from those that fall at the first hurdle.

      Thanks WLBB

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