Less is more

Doing less can give you more


After 20 years of driving myself to succeed, climbing the corporate ladder and continually recalibrating my goals for more, I finally stopped, took stock and was shocked with the results.

I started my career with boundless energy and a passion to make a name for myself in business. I achieved that but at what cost? The goals I’d carefully crafted to provide success, happiness and contentment fell well short.

I was stressed, unfit and depressed. I felt guilty that I had been ‘too busy’ to enjoy my children’s early years and I put work before family. I was working 12 hour days, coming home and then doing another couple of hours. I didn’t have time for my kids. Ten years flew by and my children were growing into teenagers.

When they were young I was travelling and leaving my wife to it. I was contributing financially and thought I was doing my bit; I just didn’t see what I was missing. And I’m one of the lucky ones. I woke up before it was too late, and changed my ways.

I now enjoy a fabulous relationship with my kids. I still work hard and put in the hours but now when I’m home I’m actually there; mentally as well as physically. Spending time with my wife and kids and having control over my life rather than reacting to the never ending flow of work. I’ve set new goals no longer confined to only work and financial achievement. 

And a strange thing has happened. I’m working less, I’m not stressed, my health has improved and I’m achieving more at work than ever. I’ve even found the time to go to the gym at lunchtime twice a week and leave work most days by 6.30pm. We’ve purchased a beach house and spend weekends together walking on the beach with the dogs and enjoying coffee in our favourite cafe.

I’ve achieved balance in my life that has allowed me to be more efficient, focus on the important rather than the urgent and create mental space to see the way to achieving my goals.  I realised that I didn’t have to choose. It’s not a ‘work or life’ proposition. I found that I can have both, and that leads to better performance and a happier life.



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2 Responses to “Less is more”

  1. Paul Hassing Says:

    Fabulous stuff, WLB2! Gripping content AND great writing. Thank you for this scary but uplifting reveal.

    You are indeed wise and fortunate to have shifted life’s merry-go-round speed from 78 to 33. The sound is greatly improved. May you play longer (and better) as a result.

    In my opinion, this is easily one of the best things you’ve written. And one of the most useful things I’ve read. MORE please! With regards and respect. P. 🙂

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