Can I be your Guru?

Are you waiting to be shown the path?

One of the key facets of failure is the unwillingness to take responsibility. Without exercising self-responsibility, breaking the repetitive cycle that leads to failure is all but impossible. If you’re talking about change but not making changes, what’s stopping you? What are you waiting for?

Are you riding the train to ‘someday’ waiting for someone to tell you where to get off? Are you prepared to follow the signs or do you need someone to show you the way? You can stay on the train waiting for a mystic guru to appear with the magic formula for success or you can get off at the next station and begin your journey. Today. Now.

Are you prepared to take a risk and set off on your journey alone? The answer doesn’t lie in a book, seminar or ‘success system’. I could stand on a stage and inspire you with my ‘12 steps to success program’, or whatever. I could take thousands of dollars from you for the privilege.  Are you waiting for just such a program to ‘guarantee’ your success?

Systems, or well-appointed self-styled gurus with the panacea of success, which allow the abdication of self-responsibility to the program, the universe or even God, are not a substitute for YOU taking personal responsibility for your life NOW.

One of the core elements of our humanity is free will. When you were a child, the fastest way to get you to do something was to tell you not to do it. Has that really changed? Think about that for a moment. So, what makes you think that abdicating responsibility to another will ever lead you to success? Jamming a rigid behavioural template onto a person whose primary motivations are driven by free will is, by definition, crazy.

Why? Because there are many different paths to success, not a single ‘right’ one. For a start, there are many definitions about what success even means. What it all comes down to is choice, and choice is an interior process.

We cannot enter into any process of personal transformation without releasing our reliance on external factors of control. Holding onto those externalities enslaves us every bit as much as our assumptions, our expectations, our model of the world and even our own self-perception. As soon as we say, ‘I am powerless’ that’s exactly what we are – powerless. Choice, free will, the ability to script our own destiny, this is where our power lies.

In all the years I’ve worked with people seeking to make a better life I’ve not once seen anyone change without first saying, ‘I just don’t want to be that person any more’.  The first step to change is acceptance of the need to change; the second is taking responsibility for it and the third is taking action towards it.

It’s difficult to accept these things. And if that’s the case for you, and you can accept what and where you are now and be happy with that, you don’t have to change.

If you decide you want to change for your own reasons, not because of the expectations of others, then you must take responsibility; for the bad things that have happened and the good things yet to come.

This distinction speaks to the very essence of choice; choice driven by a willingness to change, which, in turn, drives interior transformation and, ultimately, the reclamation of personal power. This is an essential ingredient to change.

The choice ‘not to be that person any more’ is at the core of self-responsibility. It’s the moment when you redefine yourself on your terms and do so by taking hold of your life and your personal experience of the world.

From this viewpoint, following a Guru doesn’t afford the necessary power for the reclamation of self and personal power because it forces us into an unrelenting system of external compliance that is anathema to the very free will that defines us. You must be the change you desire.


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