The pursuit of meaning


Reflections of time past

I look out across the ocean and realise how far away I am from everyone else in the world. I realise that I’m responsible for my life and how I create it. Where I am now is the result of the choices I have made. I want to value the moment. I can never return.

I look back with longing to times past. The paradox is that I wasn’t really there. Even then I was focused on the future and reminiscing about the past. I missed the moment then, and might miss it again now.

Meaningful lives don’t happen by accident. They require effort, mistakes, risk, striving, learning and overcoming. They also have achievement, happiness, success, growth and contentment; often at the same time, in different measures.

Change and transition is inevitable. Our bodies age and our failures leave welts on our soul. Time is never on our side. Accepting reality can be confronting. We need to steer our ship through the storm. The alternative of abdicating responsibility to the winds and currents can only result in our lives smashed on the rocks.

We don’t have to forget the problems of past. We can accept what has happened and learn from it. We can embrace our transition points. I’m happy that life has crossroads, and at each crossroad I choose my own path.

I now look back at the times past and enjoy the good times that brought me to today. I also look back to learn from my mistakes, to savour that, even when it’s bitter.

 Inevitably, I know that we all have to look forward instead of back. In the pursuit of growth, it’s better to choose the new than the old. But sometimes it’s also good to hold on to something for a while, to be in that moment.

Merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy, safe and prosperous new year.


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2 Responses to “The pursuit of meaning”

  1. Jaclyn Rae Says:

    This is written so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this. I wish you a happy, safe, prosperous new year too!

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