Freewill and finding meaning

Finding meaning

Recently I was going through some stuff I had in storage and looking back at my history, trying to find where I had put the box marked inner peace, contentment and fulfilment.

In that box is a map showing me the way to my path in the world. I know it’s in storage somewhere. I have certainly kept a lot of rubbish that I should have thrown out years ago.

To find peace we need to stop following the plan set out for us years ago by someone else based on their needs, and start listening to our own voice. We can’t rely on instructions from years past that formed our assumptions, expectations and ideas about the way the world works.

Those assumptions drive self-perception, which, in turn, sets the control points for how we need to operate in the world. They are often formed in childhood and perpetuated by society as the accepted way that life must be lived. But these assumptions are also very often not valid.

Often the way we actually operate in the world is different because of our unique make up and circumstances. Our default is to realign with the external control factors of our past.

These deeply seated programs can be run again and again until they appear normal, but yet simmer an overall nagging sense of unease that leaves us misaligned with what we really want. And often, because these programs are running in the background, we don’t even know why we’re dissatisfied.

If we can bring ourselves to recognise that we are valuable and deserving then we’re going a long way to finding the authenticity that leads to acceptance and fulfilment. This is about trusting ourselves and moving past the external influences of the past that weigh heavily on us.

Then we understanding who we are and recognising our value as people. Not as the roles that weplay in society, what we have or what we do.  Just for being us.


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