A successful life – the path to success

Follow your own path to success

A successful life does not result from chance or simply good fortune. It comes from the active pursuit of a worthy purpose. Active pursuit means focused and deliberate action every day. Action that becomes a part of who you are. And success doesn’t happen in a day; rather a succession of active days where you move towards your goal.

Sitting back waiting for divine intervention or waiting for success to find you will not work.  Success is like fitness; start easily and over time increase the intensity until you reach your goal. Once your goal is achieved it’s necessary to keep exercising to maintain your standard.  When you stop it’s quickly lost.

To start your journey you must know where you are going. This requires developing your personal vision and understanding what success looks like to you. With vision you can overcome confusion, conflicting values, contradictory priorities and the ‘helpful’ advice of others. The more you can define success the more empowered you will be.

Successful people are those that have defined their vision, established their goals, and committed themselves to their achievement. The moment you decide on an objective and commit all your energies to that objective, you can achieve more than you ever believed possible.

You have now taken away the choice of not doing it. So start. If you believe that your goals are worth working for and you focus your mind on achieving them, your chances of empowering your life will dramatically increase.

The secret of success is consistency to purpose. A key attribute in achieving results is discipline. In today’s fast food, instant gratification world of wanting everything yesterday, discipline is a dying art. The other key is action. That too is required but often lacking. And all the positive affirmations in the world or attempts to manifest your desires through a positive mental attitude won’t help if you don’t actually do something.

Those who enjoy success make a disciplined effort to systematically and consistently pursue their goals rather than to drift aimlessly without focus or action. They are also very clear on what that goal is. Are you clear on exactly what it is that you want?

Many people describe their goals in vague, indefinite terms such as to be happy, rich or successful. This doesn’t work. A vision must be specific with clear goals and defined objectives that you wish to achieve. If you can determine what you want you can then determine how to achieve it and importantly how to live each day in the pursuit of your vision.

Specific means being able to clearly state what it is you desire. Many people chop and change from one activity to another without any focused or directed purpose in the misguided assumption that once begun things will somehow take care of themselves. Of course they won’t. We all get distracted by life; our careers, friends, family and the many commitments we find ourselves responsible for. But we also have the ability to maintain our focus on what is most important.

When we hold our goal in our mind, even when we are required to do other things, we allow our subconscious to go to work and often a solution or idea will pop into our heads.

The more we keep it in our mind the more likely we will see opportunities that come to us through the perspective of our vision and the more you we empower ourselves to make it a reality. Once you have set your vision you can determine specific goals and create actions that are consistent with it. It’s now up to you – go for it!


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4 Responses to “A successful life – the path to success”

  1. Lakia Gordon Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your post and it makes me really want to strive harder.

  2. Hirpa Says:

    Thank you very much. your post makes me t know where i want to go

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