Following the path to success – it’s not easy!

Which path will you take?

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is

definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and

a burning desire to possess it. — Napoleon Hill

 In my last post I described the path to success. We can state it in a single sentence:  Success comes to those who have clearly defined their vision, established their goals and committed themselves to their achievement through disciplined and consistent action.

Or even more simply: to clear about what you want, decide you’re going to pursue it and work towards it every day.

But if the formula is simple; the execution is not.

Our world is filled with distractions and competing opportunities for our time. That is why you must be very on your goal, your definite major purpose.

If you divert your focus and energy in many directions you will find yourself without the time, energy or motivation to achieve what you consider to be the most important.

When I talk to people about success many complain about not knowing what they really want to do. It usually means that they are spending most of their time doing what others want them to do. They conform to the norms of convention, never daring to leave the path of the expected, rational and accepted.

They have not learned to say no to anyone, and they take on commitments that divert their energy from their personal goals. You can’t allow others to take the responsibility for directing your life. Be selective in saying yes and don’t feel guilty for saying no. It can be hard as we naturally want to help and please others but many will take advantage of your good nature to your detriment.

When you say no to others you free up the time and energy to follow your path. Of course there are priorities in life –work, family – so not all our time can be our own. However, you can say no to many secondary things and with some imagination and creativity find time for you. It may only be 30 minutes a day, so allocate this time as a priority, not as a last resort when everything else is done.

This requires strength of character and this too can be learned. All it takes is practice. As well as not allowing others to set your priorities you must not let them discourage you from your dream. If you take advice and begin to doubt yourself all will be lost. The more you believe that you will not succeed the more likely you are to fail. Negative expectations result in failure because they become self fulfilling.

Once you become actively engaged in your vision you will create a positive momentum which will propel you along. Starting is the hardest part but when you become used to this as an enjoyable and regular part of your day you will find many opportunities and much to do and you will become aware of new capabilities within yourself.

Discovering these new capabilities is one of the most rewarding parts of following your vision. The steps of progress can be enjoyed every day. Do not defer your happiness until you reach your goal, live your life through the lens of your vision and enjoy the journey in the present moment. Living your vision is not only about reaching your goals. It’s about enjoying the journey and the satisfaction of achievement along the way; living your life in a more meaningful and personally rewarding way, a life of purpose.

Living this way and working towards a ‘higher purpose’ gives your life a sense of meaning and provides benefits for all aspects of it. We all crave purpose and meaning in our lives and this helps us to understand the question ‘Why am I here?’ and avoid the feeling of ‘Is this all there is?’

Purpose helps us to move beyond the boundaries of our self concept, where we are trapped by the results of our past, the expectations of others and fear of an unfulfilling future.

So success becomes living life fully engaged in the present moment, not in a reactive way but allowing it to flow as a natural expression of our true self and our higher purpose. The more we want to move towards our vision the more we must accurately define and understand our present reality.



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