Finding the time to follow your path

Finding the time for success

Finding the time to work towards success can be difficult.

We all have full lives, so freeing a block of time takes effort. So does making the mental change to accept this as part of your ‘new’ life. Something you enjoy may need to be removed, reduced or replaced. This comes down, ultimately, to the importance you place on your success.

It’s the same for anything that involves change – deciding to go to the gym 3 days a week to get fit, spending 30 minutes a day more at work to do the extra that will lead to a promotion and spending 30 minutes a day practicing a musical instrument or attending a class in the evenings two days a week. And so too with your vision. What do these changes have in common?

They are all swapping immediate gratification for longer term benefit. They all take time and build to a significant benefit but it’s easier to say ‘later’ and sit on the couch and watch TV or fill the available time with the busyness and urgency of life.

Too often our important-but-not-urgent tasks get put on the back burner. When we get busy with urgent tasks we feel pressured to finish those first before we can justify doing anything else. When we do have some time it’s easy to fill this with the not-urgent-and-not-important tasks. These are the ones that don’t require much effort. This pattern can continue for years, with the important tasks never quite reaching the action phase. ‘Life’ gets in the way if we let it.

We must accept that much of life lies outside our direct control, and external influences impact our action towards our vision. Of course we don’t just give up … but to follow our original plan no matter what is to ignore the unpredictability of reality. This requires flexibility and ingenuity.

What’s most important is not that you follow the letter of your original intention but rather the spirit of it. This is why knowing the ‘why’ behind your actions is so important. When you encounter obstacles you can find other ways to satisfy the same intent.

Integrity in the moment of choice does not mean making excuses, it means adapting your plan to the situation at hand while honouring the true spirit of your original intent. It can be frustrating and difficult but having clear vision and commitment allows us to find a way. We cannot allow ourselves to fall at the first hurdle.

Perhaps this is why we admire Olympic athletes so much. They are absolutely passionate and focused on their dream, make it a priority and take massive action to make it a reality. They find the way. Many have full-time jobs and commitments but they are up before dawn training and focusing on their diet, their performance and their skill every day.

We admire their skill and commitment and wish we could be the same. And we can for our own goals if we make them important enough. It does involve life change and that is difficult – all change is difficult – opening up part of our day to make pursuing our goal a regular part of who we are, so it becomes a habit and something we look forward to.


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