The end of days…beyond zero


End of days or something more?

When we look back at mistakes we’ve made in the past they feel like outstanding examples of stupidity, impulsiveness, and poor judgment. We kick ourselves for our lack of foresight; for not slowing and being more cautious, for letting our emotions push our reason into the background.

We hear the inevitable ‘What were you thinking?’ or ‘Where was your commonsense?’ and feel the rush of embarrassment at not having a good answer. Yes, what was I thinking? I don’t have a good answer. I know when I’m doing it but I just can’t stop…

When we add them up, the list of failures can leave us feeling our lives are more half-empty than half-full.

This applies equally to relationships, businesses, our career, sporting endeavours, weight loss plans or that bestselling novel just waiting to get out. The list can be, unfortunately, limitless. And if we’re really trying we can select more than one item from this depressing menu.

Most of us at some point have set a goal we would really like to achieve; a goal that requires time and effort for a great pay off. We set a goal because it’s something different. It involves change, doing things differently and often with great effort. It’s easier not to do it.

We start out with a sense of excitement and passion, with the best of intentions and visions of success, but then we lose sight of where we’re heading. The challenges of our life distract us.

Our vehicle to success begins to veer ever so slightly off the road, so slightly that we scarcely notice. But suddenly one day we find ourselves sitting in a ditch, unable to move. We realise the momentum is gone, the dream has faded and that we’ve failed…again.

Those around us shake their heads, full of hindsight wisdom. They said they knew it was a mistake, and said it wouldn’t work. We’re not back to square one, worse, we’re beyond zero. We are reinforcing our self belief that we ‘can’t do’ or we are a ‘failure’. ‘Why bother, success is obviously not for me. I’m destined to be stuck here forever.’

But the other way of looking at failures is to not see them as failures at all. Yes, the intentions were sound, the judgment good. Yes, there are always mistakes to trip us up; regrets that remain and burn. But the problem was not stupidity or laziness or other labels we readily impose on ourselves. 

Perhaps we can try again. Perhaps we can reassess what we’re chasing. Or perhaps we can look at what we did achieve and see it for the success it was. We can feel good about trying and in doing so create inertia that changes our world, even briefly, for the better.

Life’s not static. Thing change; nothing lasts forever. Perhaps we just came to the end of this particular road. What did we learn, what was the benefit? There can be excitement in the unexpected if we allow ourselves to enjoy the process, savour the journey. Life may serve you up something different to what you expect. It may even be better. Will you allow yourself the peace to see that?

(c) Work Life bank Balance 2011


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2 Responses to “The end of days…beyond zero”

  1. Makarand Says:

    Great post, you have managed to crystallize the thought really well

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