The meaning of success

It's all a journey

The popular definition of success in business and life is based on three elements: power, money and fame. It assumes that if you have great abundance, status, power or celebrity then you are, by society’s definition, successful.

 This definition excludes many people who are successful in their own right and who define success by an entirely different set of standards. There are many successful people in business who don’t aspire to be a celebrity entrepreneur or CEO.

 The more you rely on others for your success and feelings of self worth, the more you are destined to miss the mark. Lasting happiness and success is not found in what you do but, rather, who you are.

 No one can deem you successful except you. Success is both a journey and a destination, the result of merging of your aspirations with reality. Know what you want, set goals and take action. If not now, when? Avoid those that scorn your goals  and reward yourself along the way.

 It is up to you. What one thing can you do today, however small that’ll get you moving towards your goal? Do it for you.


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