What is the great order of life?

How do you see life?

There are so many pressures in life. There is pressure to succeed, to conform, and to live life by what is ‘expected’. But expected by whom; society, church, parents, peers?

Soon after we’re born we are slotted into the system like carriages on a railroad, all rumbling along the same line, in the same direction without really knowing where we are going: school, work, marriage, mortgage, kids, retirement and death. A cycle repeated over and over, largely ignoring the individuality of the participants in life’s game.

This process largely dictates that we defer happiness until some undefined future when the time is ‘right’. But it is ever? There’s always something about to happen, that’s the nature of life! We have the opportunity to embrace change and enjoy the journey.

So much of what we do has been subconsciously programmed from birth.

Our behaviour can be reactionary, unresponsive and often not responsible. We’re constantly reacting to what is imposed upon us from outside, rather than just being able to take the necessary action for what is most essential for ourselves and our well-being.

But when dependency on outside forces is diminished it becomes easier to adapt and grow. Taking responsibility for ourselves also makes it easier to change.

So take the time to question, assess, and evaluate your core beliefs and start enjoying every uncertain day.


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