Get off your arse and do it!

Create your own luck through taking action

Your success is up to you. It can’t be bought, sold, tried on or borrowed. It must be created, will be different for everyone and will change over time. We all want it, yet many can’t define it, you may not realise when you have it and it may not be permanent.

One thing for sure is that achieving success requires purposeful action, and goal-orientated strategies to get there. You can’t plan your way there, get the answer from a book or apply a hidden formula. You actually have to do something, take that first step and commit. Scary stuff because once you do the possibility of failure looms large. Facing fear and failure is one of the prices you have to pay, and paying it makes success so much sweeter.

Still with me?

The importance of developing action-orientated strategies fundamentally recognises that life is not static, and that you are unlikely to reach a point of clarity and control from which your life progresses until you take action. Purposeful action to find success, as you define it, implies an acceptance of change and recognition of the need to adapt. 

When you’re moving towards a meaningful goal with passion, excitement and determination you’re succeeding. When you accept and adapt to that which you can’t change, even if this feels like bowing to fate, you’re succeeding. When events are moving too fast, and you feel like you’re not in control but you’re willing to roll with it and make the best of it, you’re succeeding. And, of course, when you’re in ultimate control, feeling like you’re master of the universe, you’re succeeding. This means success isn’t the outcome, but the process.

What is common to all of this is the inexorability of change.

I believe the human condition requires progress. Nothing remains the same even if we want it to. The only certainty in life is its uncertainty. The clock is ticking and your resources are finite.

You may wish to preserve today but it will be gone tomorrow. The mirror reflects more than your image, it reflects the passage of time. Try as you might you can’t prevent change, preserve this moment or ensure certainty. Attempting to do so just limits your capacity to adapt to new circumstances.

 Each moment contains new possibilities. Life and time draws us along, action and reaction, ebb and flow.  Certainty is an illusion. Can you willingly accept uncertainty and grow despite your doubts and fears? Can you create the change you wish to see?


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