How do we start manifesting our dreams?

Dreams to reality

It starts the same way; we wake up one day and realise we want more out of life than we’re currently getting. It may be at one of those dreaded ‘0’ birthdays – 30, 40 or 50 – when we tell ourselves that there must be more than this. It doesn’t mean you have to be in a bad place, broke or homeless. You may have a perfectly comfortable life, but also the desire for something more; a desire to test yourself, to take the next step and to improve your circumstances.

Change requires emotional leverage … a feeling of lack or emptiness that we want to fill. Without this feeling, we stay in our comfort zone. Comfortable, sure, but unchallenged and therefore dissatisfied. The desire for more grows until we’re ready to take action. That’s the first step.

The second step is to be clear on what you want. Don’t worry about goal setting; this is much easier and more fun! Get a piece of paper or open a new file and write/type ‘My ideal life’ at the top. Then start writing how in the next five years you’ll create your perfect life.

You can image anything you like. You can have a wonderful relationship, start a successful business, enjoy time with your friends and family and have a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. You may focus on business success, a life of creativity with music and the arts, or wealth and adventure. Imagine that you have the resources and time for all of it, without limitation.

There’s no right answer, it only matters that you want these things. And you may be surprised by what you write if you let yourself go. When you dare to think about your ideal life, the life you can have if you have everything you desire, you’ll see what is really important to you. It may not be what you expect!

Try it now; write what you will be doing, who with, where and why. Have some fun and write the ideal script of your life. Then in the next post we’ll take the next step. This is success without compromise – the things that are important in your life. Go.


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2 Responses to “How do we start manifesting our dreams?”

  1. Adam Finlay Says:

    This is great advice, WLBB. I’m going to do this exercise tonight!

  2. Paul Hassing (@PaulHassing) Says:

    I want to write better blog comments.

    Shit! It worked! 😉

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