Making your dreams feel real

                                                            From dreams to reality …

In the last post I challenged you to write down what your ideal life looks like in five years. I hope you enjoyed the process. Now it’s time to take the next step.

This is to look at what you’ve written and find within it a list of goals. Without considering ‘How I will achieve these’ just yet, highlight the statements on your list that work as goals.

The vision of ‘I will start a business to work on timber boats, my true passion, so I can live in a beautiful old home in a small town by the ocean, have time for writing and spend more time with my children to experience the pleasure of life …’ becomes a list of specific goals:

– I’m working towards starting a boat restoration business within the next three years

– I’m starting to research, locate and will purchase an older home in Surfbeach with ocean views

– I work hard in the spring/summer season to allow me time (four months per year) to travel with my children during the holidays, and also pursue my writing. I also structure my day to be free by 4.00 pm to spend time with my children when they get home from school.

These are great goals and are aligned to what you really want in life. If you had just sat down to write goals without a vision, you may have come up with a more traditional list that didn’t reflect your true desires. The more specific and detailed your list the better, as this enables you to paint a clear mental picture of what you plan to achieve.

Goals work best when worded in the present tense and in a style that feels right to you. This allows your subconscious to accept them as real and to begin working on them for you.

As you work through your five-year vision you may find you end up with many goals, or perhaps just a few. If you have many, the next step is to prioritise these to the six most important, 10 at the most if you have a few small ones in the mix. This is important because you can’t do everything at once. If you attempt too much you will lose the clarity and focus you require.

Don’t be concerned; you can revisit these goals when you have achieved the first ones. This provides for healthy and stimulating growth and a wonderful sense of achievement for many years to come.  In our next post we’ll look at how we turn these into reality!


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