How do you get what you want?

Getting what you want - it's your move!

My last post explored how creating a success mindset allows your subconscious to help form your reality. We also discussed why believing in yourself is so important.

This is an important foundation, but in reality you can’t simply wish something into existence. Deciding what you want, setting a plan, beating procrastination, being prepared to try, dealing with failure and trying again is what makes it happen.

Unfortunately this is where many people get it wrong. Creating the correct mindset is vital but so is action. Understanding that there is no traction without action is the second part of the equation. Positive affirmations, vision statements and creating an emotional bond to your desires are not enough.

Take your list of goals and write a one-page plan for each; a plan on how you’re going to achieve that goal. This is a list of action steps that you take sequentially to reach your objective.

The great benefit in doing so is to break your task down into individual activities which are smaller, achievable and can be done within a specific time frame. And then you start. When you have a plan you create an intention and that leads to action, which in turn creates progress.

Review your plan after completing each step; it will change as you learn, so don’t be afraid to make adjustments and improve your program. Grab your diary and write an action step in for a specific day. Hold yourself accountable. Success is the result of many small steps moving towards a clearly defined goal.

When you start, interesting things happen. First you’ll experience a wonderful sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Second you’ll realise the value in your history. When you take action you’ll find your experiences, even those you thought were bad or a waste of time, will help you. You’ll start to understand the wisdom of your journey thus far, and how this accumulated knowledge can help you to reach your goals.

This is a great reward of life. We’re here to grow, achieve and to reach our full potential. We’re far greater than we ever give ourselves credit for. The human spirit is boundless. Most of us have barely begun to understand what we’re capable of. So get to your action list and make it count!



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