Making it work for you!

A plan gets you to the finishing line

The next step in our journey is to take your action plans and sort the pages by importance. One of your goals may be to lose weight and get fit so your action plan may look something like this:

Goal – To lose 5 kg in 12 weeks and increase my fitness level.

– I will commit 30 minutes per day to walk, 5 days per week

– Go for an hour bike ride with the kids on the weekend

– Purchase good quality training shoes

– Load my iPod with inspirational music

– Work out routes that are 1, 3 and 5 km in length

– Reduce my food intake by cutting out junk food except on Saturdays (my free day)

– Cut down on alcohol to only 2 glasses of wine per week

– No carbs after 2.00 pm

– Weigh myself twice a week and record in my journal

The goal is specific and measurable and provides a time frame. The actions are the steps to getting there. Looking at these actions you will see that each is achievable and helps to work towards your goal. Some are once offs to get you going, some are ongoing and others may be sequential.

 In this example you will start with buying the shoes and loading your iPod. Next you will go for a walk, which may just be around the block the first time, building over time to longer distances. You start watching your food and alcohol intake and record your progress in your journal.

You‘re on your way to achieving your goal and manifesting the result you want. Deadlines are important to keep you focused on the outcome. If you have no end point you are less likely to make as much progress. Don’t try to do too much at once. If you make it too difficult from the start you will have a higher probability of quitting. Make a start – it’s more than you’re doing now – and enjoy the feeling of achievement.

This creates momentum and your goal moves from being a nice idea to progressing towards reality. Even better, when you stick at your behaviour it becomes a positive habit that you achieve easily, without battling with yourself each time.

This is an easy example, one that many of us can relate to, and one that shows how a set number of actions makes it easier to achieve an outcome. Remember to only choose six to eight ongoing actions. Any more and you will find the task too daunting. This example has three initial activities and six ongoing ones.

This process works for starting a business, writing a book, building a tree house or enrolling and attending a course; any goal that you set yourself.  Don’t overload yourself trying to achieve five goals at the same time. Perhaps select one business and one health goal that don’t conflict.

Manifesting is simply the process of turning an idea into reality. Nothing magical here, it’s a common sense approach to creating a plan and following it. This doesn’t mean it will always be easy. You may miss some of your deadlines but that’s OK – whatever happens you will be better off than when you started, and you can reassess and adjust your actions and targets as you go. The hardest part is starting, so get the motion in your emotion and get started today!


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