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The keys to success

January 31, 2012

Success requires pushing the start button

Many people want to find the ‘secret’ to success.

And be handed strategies for fast-tracking their goals.

You can achieve almost anything you set your mind to when you believe in yourself, break down your goal into manageable steps, take action, notice what’s working and what’s not, modify your approach based on feedback and results, and keep trying.

I’ve repeated these steps many times because the feedback I receive from a number of people is that it can’t be that simple. However, it is. The ‘secret’ isn’t magical, and that it’s logical and straightforward disappoints some people. 

The process is easy, but getting results is more of a challenge, which requires the right mind set and the ability to take consistent action and not give up. That’s bad news for some and opportunity for others.

The time it will take you to succeed is in direct proportion to the effort you apply. That’s the problem for many; sitting back, wishing for success and starting the day with positive affirmations is not going to get the results you want. It’s like getting to the starting line but not running the race. It’s great to get to the track but you have to run if you want to win.

Everything is energy and abundance is drawn to you when you create an attraction through action. One of my favourite saying is ‘no traction without action’. But the biggest critics of this view are the armchair variety, who expect everything to come to them without effort.

This is exactly where the law of attraction falls down for many – when they expect the Universe to provide simply by opening oneself to positive thoughts and ‘allowing it’. Again, these are key ingredients but not the entire recipe. Why? Because there’s no traction without action!

Here’s how to achieve results in the quickest time:

  1. Keep the promises you make to others and yourself.
  2. Small daily improvements are the key to long-term results.
  3. Stop being busy and start being effective; focus on the important not the urgent.
  4. Be careful who you share your dreams with – not everyone wants to see you succeed.
  5. Have likeminded friends who you can share your dreams; ones that are non-judgmental, enthusiastic and supportive, offer good advice, motivate you, and hold you to account.
  6. Leave every person you meet better than you found them.
  7. Near enough is never good enough. Success is in the last 10%.
  8. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.
  9. Never ‘settle’ for anything. Mediocrity is a dangerous place.
  10. Put the keys in the ignition and push start.
  11. Find out what you do that offers the greatest value to you, your business and other people. Do more of that. In business it’s called creating value.
  12. Limit your contact with the negative, naysayers and energy vampires.
  13. Disrupt or be disrupted – with change comes momentum. 
  14. Take a lesson from Zen and focus fully on where and what you’re doing. There’s power in the now.
  15. Find your balance and never neglect family.
  16. Every week, set clear actions to be completed; 3 per week is over 150 small wins a year.
  17. Make time for your dreams, don’t leave them to last when you’re tired – schedule it, commit to it and do it.
  18. Do something! Take action and have a go. Then do it again.
  19. Don’t neglect your health; are you tired and lethargic or energetic and excited?
  20. Think differently. Act accordingly.
  21. Face your fears or they become your limits.
  22. Do more than is expected.
  23. Look inside yourself and don’t allow your ego to dominate your thoughts and actions.
  24. Value your good friends – they’re one of your most important assets.
  25. Go hard, have fun, enjoy life and don’t forget to stop and enjoy your small successes.

It is possible!

January 24, 2012

It begins with possibility

Do you believe that your dreams are possible? I’m not asking if they are easy, fun or require a significant investment in time and effort; do you believe that what you want is possible?

I’m not suggesting that you think small – far from it. Take your dream, make it real in your mind, break it down to manageable tasks and take action. Set a clear path forward, and believe you can achieve. Believing in yourself and having the courage to dream big is often the most difficult step.

Society does not reward free thought. Imagination is considered an important part of childhood, but beyond that we’re expected to fall into line with everyone else. Imagination is discouraged and to say that someone is a dreamer infers that they are unrealistic and should be getting on with life, like everyone else.

As soon as you stray outside the norm people feel it’s their mission to bring you back to the fold; part out of concern for your welfare and part through fear and jealousy that you may just achieve something great.

Yet we celebrate those successful free thinkers who achieve great things. We buy books about them and hold them up as icons for us follow. It is only through free thought that we make progress.

Look around your world and see how much of what you own didn’t exist 20 years ago – internet mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, car safety features, efficient energy use, medications and procedures to extend life … the list goes on and on.

All of these started with a dream, an idea that at some point was considered impossible.

Think about that when you’re setting your goals. What is possible for you?

As Henry David Thoreau said:

Of course you need to build castles in the air.

That is where they should be.

Then you put the foundations under them.


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Believe the dream; ride the wave

January 17, 2012



Believe the dream ...and live it


Do you believe that your dreams are possible?

Belief is important. When I’m surfing, if I see a larger than average wave coming I have two choices: go for it in the knowledge that I can get the ride of my life or float over the top of it before it breaks.

Do I have the skill to ride this wave? – yes! If I see it as an opportunity for the best ride of the day I will paddle strongly, jump up and take control.

But if I start instead with negative self-talk – ‘That’s really big, I can’t make that, am I in the wrong position, will it break before I catch it, should I let it pass, will I get wiped out?’ – then all I get is hesitation and trepidation.

So I reluctantly and tentatively paddle, feeling nervous. And what happens? I get wiped out. I catch the wave too late; I lack confidence, and quickly fall.

In other words, I realise my very fears. Because with that attitude and hesitation, I could never succeed. And the result also reinforces my self-belief: ‘See, I knew you couldn’t make that wave!’

Life is like the ocean. A series of sets rolling, waves on offer for you to catch. You can play it safe and sit out the back and allow each wave to gently pass beneath you. Just a gentle lift so you know it’s there and gone forever. You’re in no danger and it’s perfectly acceptable to play it safe.

However, if you want to enjoy the great rides life has to offer you have to commit, turn your board toward the shore and paddle hard, even if you’re not sure you’ll make it.,until you feel the board lift and you are effortlessly propelled towards the shore using the energy of the wave to push you along.

Surfing is like life. It requires commitment, action and a big effort at the start. But once you get going the momentum of the wave pushes you forward and you are free to enjoy the ride. As the shore approaches and you have achieved all you can, you kick off the back and paddle out for the next one.

You can’t take every wave; that’s impossible, in the same way that you can’t take every opportunity that life provides you. You can catch one wave in each set though, each new challenge rolling in. And you don’t have to catch the first in the set … you can watch, wait and learn … but you should go for one. And, you know, a bigger set will roll along soon enough too. Will you take one then?

If you fail to commit to any wave you’ll be constantly paddling just to stay out there, getting nowhere. You may tire and end up drifting aimlessly. Sometimes you’ll even get caught in the impact zone, and get wiped out regardless.

Don’t just float along allowing the opportunities to pass. In the evening, the waves fade and the sun goes down. Don’t allow that to happen without having a single ride.

Beating the doubts and fears

January 13, 2012

You will move past self doubt!

To be successful we are told that we must ‘believe’. But what does that really mean; to believe in yourself perhaps? Or in some higher universal power that provides from a never-ending spring of prosperity?

Our reality is that nothing is given or achieved without the application of energy to make it happen.

That means there’s no wishing or affirming your way to prosperity without belief and action. Rather, this is how it works: think it, feel it, see it, believe it, do it, create it and receive it. Therefore belief is about believing in yourself to the level that you can take action with a positive mindset.

That, as we have seen, isn’t always easy. As soon as you dare to dream your ideal outcome, one that’s a stretch on your current position, you’ll inevitably experience doubts and fears. That’s normal and dealing with these this is the key that unlocks your comfort zone.

Write down your goal and that voice in your head will say ‘You can’t do that’-Self doubt is normal when we seek change, but we need to drag ourselves from our comfort zone to create momentum.

For most things, the consequences of failure are at worst feeling embarrassed that you couldn’t meet your goal or, at best, learning some important lessons to refine your strategy so that you can try again.

Can you make the consequences of not trying worse than not achieving what you desire?.  Sometimes this comes from willpower and other times from hitting rock bottom – a feeling of, ‘I can’t stand myself any longer, and I just have to change!’

To beat your doubts and fears, just commit to a small change and then and allow yourself the space to re-evaluate from there. Take action, even if you fail at first, and soon you will see enough signs to convince yourself that you are on the right track and that it is possible to create the life you desire.

The power of your success

January 5, 2012

Riding the wave of success in 2012

Welcome to 2012. With the start of a new year comes renewed enthusiasm and optimism for success.  I also start this year with my 100th post!

Here’s how I intend to approach the New Year:

Find peace, contentment and fulfilment. Enjoy health and happiness. Be connected to family and friends. Find love. Seek self acceptance, wellness and gratitude. Leave others better than you find them. Live your greatest life.

Discover your authentic self and be true to that which you value most. Seek growth. Make a contribution and leave a legacy. No regrets. And most importantly have fun and enjoy the journey.