Beating the doubts and fears

You will move past self doubt!

To be successful we are told that we must ‘believe’. But what does that really mean; to believe in yourself perhaps? Or in some higher universal power that provides from a never-ending spring of prosperity?

Our reality is that nothing is given or achieved without the application of energy to make it happen.

That means there’s no wishing or affirming your way to prosperity without belief and action. Rather, this is how it works: think it, feel it, see it, believe it, do it, create it and receive it. Therefore belief is about believing in yourself to the level that you can take action with a positive mindset.

That, as we have seen, isn’t always easy. As soon as you dare to dream your ideal outcome, one that’s a stretch on your current position, you’ll inevitably experience doubts and fears. That’s normal and dealing with these this is the key that unlocks your comfort zone.

Write down your goal and that voice in your head will say ‘You can’t do that’-Self doubt is normal when we seek change, but we need to drag ourselves from our comfort zone to create momentum.

For most things, the consequences of failure are at worst feeling embarrassed that you couldn’t meet your goal or, at best, learning some important lessons to refine your strategy so that you can try again.

Can you make the consequences of not trying worse than not achieving what you desire?.  Sometimes this comes from willpower and other times from hitting rock bottom – a feeling of, ‘I can’t stand myself any longer, and I just have to change!’

To beat your doubts and fears, just commit to a small change and then and allow yourself the space to re-evaluate from there. Take action, even if you fail at first, and soon you will see enough signs to convince yourself that you are on the right track and that it is possible to create the life you desire.


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2 Responses to “Beating the doubts and fears”

  1. Adam Finlay Says:

    Nicely said, WLBB! Starting small is good … that’s my goal for this year …

  2. paulhassing Says:

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