Believe the dream; ride the wave



Believe the dream ...and live it


Do you believe that your dreams are possible?

Belief is important. When I’m surfing, if I see a larger than average wave coming I have two choices: go for it in the knowledge that I can get the ride of my life or float over the top of it before it breaks.

Do I have the skill to ride this wave? – yes! If I see it as an opportunity for the best ride of the day I will paddle strongly, jump up and take control.

But if I start instead with negative self-talk – ‘That’s really big, I can’t make that, am I in the wrong position, will it break before I catch it, should I let it pass, will I get wiped out?’ – then all I get is hesitation and trepidation.

So I reluctantly and tentatively paddle, feeling nervous. And what happens? I get wiped out. I catch the wave too late; I lack confidence, and quickly fall.

In other words, I realise my very fears. Because with that attitude and hesitation, I could never succeed. And the result also reinforces my self-belief: ‘See, I knew you couldn’t make that wave!’

Life is like the ocean. A series of sets rolling, waves on offer for you to catch. You can play it safe and sit out the back and allow each wave to gently pass beneath you. Just a gentle lift so you know it’s there and gone forever. You’re in no danger and it’s perfectly acceptable to play it safe.

However, if you want to enjoy the great rides life has to offer you have to commit, turn your board toward the shore and paddle hard, even if you’re not sure you’ll make it.,until you feel the board lift and you are effortlessly propelled towards the shore using the energy of the wave to push you along.

Surfing is like life. It requires commitment, action and a big effort at the start. But once you get going the momentum of the wave pushes you forward and you are free to enjoy the ride. As the shore approaches and you have achieved all you can, you kick off the back and paddle out for the next one.

You can’t take every wave; that’s impossible, in the same way that you can’t take every opportunity that life provides you. You can catch one wave in each set though, each new challenge rolling in. And you don’t have to catch the first in the set … you can watch, wait and learn … but you should go for one. And, you know, a bigger set will roll along soon enough too. Will you take one then?

If you fail to commit to any wave you’ll be constantly paddling just to stay out there, getting nowhere. You may tire and end up drifting aimlessly. Sometimes you’ll even get caught in the impact zone, and get wiped out regardless.

Don’t just float along allowing the opportunities to pass. In the evening, the waves fade and the sun goes down. Don’t allow that to happen without having a single ride.


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2 Responses to “Believe the dream; ride the wave”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    In my opinion, this is one of your better outings WLB2. Each time you link a post to actual events in your life, the interest level soars. A clever and original(?!) analogy, well sustained. More please! P. 🙂

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