It is possible!

It begins with possibility

Do you believe that your dreams are possible? I’m not asking if they are easy, fun or require a significant investment in time and effort; do you believe that what you want is possible?

I’m not suggesting that you think small – far from it. Take your dream, make it real in your mind, break it down to manageable tasks and take action. Set a clear path forward, and believe you can achieve. Believing in yourself and having the courage to dream big is often the most difficult step.

Society does not reward free thought. Imagination is considered an important part of childhood, but beyond that we’re expected to fall into line with everyone else. Imagination is discouraged and to say that someone is a dreamer infers that they are unrealistic and should be getting on with life, like everyone else.

As soon as you stray outside the norm people feel it’s their mission to bring you back to the fold; part out of concern for your welfare and part through fear and jealousy that you may just achieve something great.

Yet we celebrate those successful free thinkers who achieve great things. We buy books about them and hold them up as icons for us follow. It is only through free thought that we make progress.

Look around your world and see how much of what you own didn’t exist 20 years ago – internet mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, car safety features, efficient energy use, medications and procedures to extend life … the list goes on and on.

All of these started with a dream, an idea that at some point was considered impossible.

Think about that when you’re setting your goals. What is possible for you?

As Henry David Thoreau said:

Of course you need to build castles in the air.

That is where they should be.

Then you put the foundations under them.


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