Where are you going?

Where will your journey take you?

Our pursuit of success is as much about significance as it is money, power or security.

To achieve success, we need to apply our talents and intellect to purposeful, goal-oriented actions.

Of course, you must know what that looks like if you plan to find it. Understanding what your success looks like and where you will find it has been the subject of earlier posts. In this post, we’re going to look at the ‘how’ of success.

The ‘who’ of success is you. The ‘what’ of success is how you define it. The ‘where’ of success is focusing your energies on the right elements of your life. The ‘when’ of success is always now. And, finally, the ‘why’ of success is when you’re ready to do what it takes to get what you want.

And that brings us to the ‘how’.

Many self-help books explain the who, what, where, when and why. Few explain the ‘how’.

The significance of developing action-oriented strategies for moving toward your goals rests on the realisation that life isn’t static. You don’t reach a point of enlightenment from which life progresses in a perfect flow.

If you seek perfection then you will be disappointed. Life doesn’t work that way. Short of renouncing the material world and meditating in a cave for the next 30 years, life will find you and events will overtake you!

Developing strategies to meet them means accepting change, and the realisation that your strategy must be fluid to adapt to changing circumstances. In any smooth water there are occasional ripples and it takes skill to negotiate these. When you are powering along, ripples soon give way to smooth water again.

You may wish to avoid change, maintain the status quo and ensure certainty. This ignores the inevitability of change and limits your ability to adapt. We say we wish to change … we often even say we must … but still we remain stationary as the world revolves around us.

Accept uncertainty. Look for positive change. Keep moving towards worthwhile goals. These are the action strategies that mark you as successful. That is the path to significance.

Every moment contains new possibilities. The choice is yours.


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