Your place in your personal space

Respect the personal space!

Understanding what drives you helps to control your activity and time. It also provides you with a compass. This leads to personal freedom.

The single greatest obstacle to success is time. Mostly this is the time used to do all those things you are ‘supposed’ to do. Life can become a monolithically repetitive chore, which runs on auto pilot with little resistance original thought. Think of your standard day and notice how many things are pre-programmed and how many of these are a waste of time.

Understand what influences you and you will:

  • Learn how to keep focused on your own plans
  • Avoid diversions which drain your resources
  • Focus on the variables you can control.

So, become aware of the internal and external constraints that limit you. Apply knowledge gained from past experiences to present ones. Know yourself: when you are most creative, the people who inspire you, what makes you happy. And then become familiar with the opposite. To be comfortable with situations that are unpleasant provides benefit in equal proportions.

We’re often told to look inward but we must look out as well. We can’t avoid external influences, and many are beyond our control. We must operate in the world so we must balance both. Knowledge is power, which helps us deal with what life presents. The benefit? When we rely on our experience, rather than our autopilot, to deal with new situations we reduce anxiety and increase our flexibility to handle what comes our way.

This is part experience, part confidence but … mostly … responsibility for your own behaviour and outcomes. Freedom comes from knowing your needs, your effect on others and their effect on you. The better you understand, the easier it will be to focus your efforts on achieving success.



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