Live long and prosper

How much time do you have?

After an excellent 2011, I’m again thinking about losing those extra kilos and getting fit.

I was so good last year, but let it slide over Christmas and haven’t regained my mojo. Disappointing, I hate going backwards in anything. Finding excuses is easy, finding motivation is somewhat harder. It used to be about vanity, now it’s longevity.

I recently read that the average life expectancy is 81 years; 79 years for men and 84 for women. That got me thinking. That’s around 29,000 days.

I’m 48, so I have spent more than 17,500 of those, or 60%.

I’ve experienced 17,500 unique days, had the opportunity to make a difference to my life and others, to experience happiness and to waste more time than I’d care to account.

Now I have 11,500 more opportunities to live in the moment, take responsibility, create significance, leave a legacy and grow.  I can slow the pace of life to enjoy my family and find peace.

Importantly, I have 11,500 chances to start over. But no one can guarantee me those 11,500 days. I could get more. But I know too many people who’ve had less. So I can’t wait.

So I will start with today.


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4 Responses to “Live long and prosper”

  1. Helen Robinett Says:

    Yeah, bring it on! I started 2 weeks ago. Not a drop of alcohol, not a grain of sugar. I’m 1.5 kg lighter and feeling stronger every day. Did my first boxing class tonight. sensational!
    Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

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