How big are your goals?

Are your goals big enough?

We’re frequently reminded that we must set goals. Have you ever considered why? It’s fine to begin with the end in mind and understand that we require a clear destination, but what is the deeper purpose, the one that provide the impetus for action? And how high should we aim? To the stars and hit the moon, or something a bit closer to earth?

Let’s make sense of goal setting.  A goal:

–           Stimulates excitement, energy and effort.

–           Creates focus, motivation, momentum and purpose.

–           Builds anticipation of a future positive state.

–           Drives action to take you there.

Having a definite major purpose is satisfying, even before you’ve taken action, because it makes the journey as good as the destination. And the result is personal growth.

Committing to a goal helps find the courage to stretch and take calculated risks outside your comfort zone and to overcome the fear of failure. It creates a life of its own where, ideally, the outcome is never in doubt. You keep going until you get there. Starting is often the most difficult.

The scope of your goal must be reasonable and attainable. Setting impossible goals sets you up for failure and makes committing almost impossible. If you don’t believe it, how can you achieve it?

You can break down larger goals into smaller steps, treating each as a milestone. Then want each step enough to create emotional energy. Losing weight, gaining a promotion, winning at sport, finding the perfect partner, starting a charity; what are the first steps you can take today?

So how high should you aim? The answer is higher than you usually do and high enough to stimulate your imagination and innovation. Be clear on what you want and decide that you will achieve it. The removal of indecision and doubt sets your course and creates energy to get you there.


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