Beating procrastination

No time like the present

I’ve been meaning to write a post on procrastination for a while but I just haven’t got around to it. I’ve procrastinated as much as anyone and knowing I’m doing it is very frustrating. It’s easy to fill your time with useless activity achieving very little. I’ve let a lot of life go by unattended.

Then there are times when I’ve felt unstoppable and got so much done. So I learnt how to get things done when I had to. And I remembered what I’d learned. So each time I have to complete an important task I know what I need to do.

Still, sometimes I feel the pull to waste time and do a succession of easier but less important tasks. It comes down to accepting what needs to be done, focusing on the important over the urgent and resisting the urge to check email and phone messages.

Sometimes the most important thing you can do is be with your family, free of invasive distractions. At other times it’s the important tasks at work or that personal project that demand your attention. The trick is to know when to focus on each.


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  1. paulhassing Says:

    I’ll comment later. 🙂

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