Try before you buy – visualising your success

Can you experience your dreams?


I have spoken about creative visualisation in previous posts but have now found a great and fun way to take this up a notch. And that’s to try before you buy.

Depending on your goals this approach may not always be possible but, for many of us, experiencing what we want can be a great way to build the energy required to get there. If your goal is a new BMW then see if you can take one for a test drive or hire one for a weekend. If you want a fabulous holiday house overlooking the ocean then rent one for a week and really live the experience. How does it make you feel?

Sometimes role-playing can make it all feel real. I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a conference at a beautiful resort on Hamilton Island on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reefrecently. And my hosts were kind enough to offer me an additional day to spend in this $1000-a-night resort.

It was fantastic: I sailed in the morning, lay around the pool sipping fresh juice, had a delicious lunch on the balcony of my villa and enjoyed an hour long massage. I was totally relaxed and spent the rest of the day doing something I love: writing.

To me this was a perfect day. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, enjoyed a beautiful luxury experience and then had the bonus of doing what I love while feeling totally relaxed and inspired. Quite a different story to the normal busyness and clock watching that often defines my days.

I was fortunate enough to be in a position to do all of this, and it represented a level of success in what I wish to achieve in my life. It was a wonderful experience and I consumed every part of it. This is what I’d love to do, all the time, to have these choices and to be able to book in anytime I please without worrying about time or cost.

I lived the day pretending or  ‘visualising’ myself as a successful professional writer, able to make these choices without concern or worry about how I could afford to pay  or what was going on back in the ‘real world’.

Now I’ve experienced a slice of it, my vision and passion to achieve this lifestyle is stronger. I can now feel, smell, taste, remember and enjoy it, and so the picture of my ideal life has sharpened and my clarity has risen. Right now I’m thankful for the opportunity, and my subconscious is finding a way to make this happen all the time – to have the entire cake.

When was the last time you had a perfect day? And what are you doing to give yourself the chance to have one?



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One Response to “Try before you buy – visualising your success”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    Nice post, WLB2! My perfect day happened not long ago. And in a place you know very well: In fact, it was your generosity that enabled it! That day was all you describe above and more. For once, I can heartily endorse your predictions from personal experience. With best regards and many thanks for everything. P. 🙂

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