Applying the laws of success


Where will you find your yellow jersey?


In our last few posts we discussed how, through action and clarity of thought, we’re able to channel universal energy to create our goals and desires into reality. When we accept that we do this every day in the normal process of our lives, it’s not such a big leap to believe we can also achieve the same results for those things we currently feel are out of our grasp.

In this series of posts I will break down the laws of success to their most basic and easy to understand components. This will demystify the process and show you how to apply the laws of success to your life. These principles are not new and have been proven time and again. Many people are just not prepared to believe that it’s possible or take the necessary action.

At seminars and in books we’re told to ‘dream big’ and ‘go for it’. That’s good advice but it misses one key element: belief. If you don’t believe you can achieve something then you’re prone to give up or only provide a mediocre level of effort. More often than not you will fail, which in turn reinforces your belief that ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘It’s too hard’ or, worse, ‘I’m not worthy or good enough’.

I’ve written many times about the requirement for taking action and demonstrating persistence toward a challenging but achievable goal. The laws of success aren’t magic, so we can’t ‘manifest our desires’ out of thin air without taking action to achieve them. So many people are disappointed when success doesn’t immediately come their way.

Let’s look at this in another way with an example that many of us can relate to.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy you have to exercise, and watch your diet. If you say ‘I wish I could lose weight’ and continue to do the same things then you’ll get the same result. The basic equation for weight loss is energy in, energy out. If you eat healthy foods, and exercise to burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It’s a simple formula but, as many of us know, often difficult to achieve. There are many distractions, excuses and roadblocks that get in the way.

Sometimes we may not do everything we should. We sleep in that extra 30 minutes and miss our morning walk, or can’t resist that slice of cake when having coffee with friends. There’s a trade-off here between short-term satisfaction and a longer term benefit, and keeping focused on the big picture can be difficult. That doesn’t mean we’ve failed. We may be annoyed at ourselves, but those that are ultimately successful overcome these setbacks and keep going.

Achieving success is exactly the same. You create an idea in your mind (energy in) and take action (energy out) to manifest (create) your desires (goal) in the physical world (result).

For both weight loss and success there are a couple of important points. You must set a goal that’s reasonable and you believe you can achieve. Second, it takes determination and hard work; if you don’t take action you can’t possibly expect to get results. Third, it takes time; you can’t decide to lose 10 kg and realistically hope to do so by the end of the week. Finally, you need to make your new actions a way of life, a permanent change for the better, or you will quickly find yourself back where you began.

Now you have it, the formula for success; no one said it would be easy. In our next posts I will help you to make this a reality.


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2 Responses to “Applying the laws of success”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    Great stuff, WLB2. Authoritative and beautifully written. I wonder if you’d consider spoiling us with subheaders to break up some of these longer posts. I’d sure appreciate the odd breather. I wonder what other readers think … Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. WorkLifeBankBalance Says:

    Thanks Paul, great advice for the longer posts! I will certainly do that. Many thanks.

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