With a little help from my friends …

With a lot of help from my friends …

In my last post I gave you what is, in my opinion, the formula for success. I also made the point that no one said it would be easy, and it isn’t. What I can tell you from my own experience is that it’s worth it and the benefits, ultimately, far outweigh the cost. The energy and time you invest is the currency exchanged for the satisfaction of achieving your personal version of success.

As much as we’d all love to win the lottery or have a distant relative leave us a fortune, changing our lives for the better, there’s an unsurpassed feeling of satisfaction and pride when we achieve something of significance for ourselves.

This doesn’t mean, however, that we have to do it all by ourselves. We would be foolish not to use the resources, contacts, hard work and progress we’ve built up over our lifetime. Take assistance where it makes sense, and in turn openly help others with the experience you’ve gained. This is the law of reciprocity and is a wonderful way to supercharge your success and satisfaction – we’ll discuss it in detail in a later post.

For now, here’s an example to show you why it’s smart to accept help. If you’ve been to university, college, trade school or completed any form of study, you know how good it feels to gain a qualification or accreditation and excitedly look to the benefit this can provide in future.

You feel a great sense of satisfaction because you have achieved something worthwhile. It took time and effort and, without doubt, required work when there were events you may have missed or things you’d rather have been doing. Some call this sacrifice, but I prefer to look at it as prioritising your life for success. If someone handed you an ‘honorary qualification’ I doubt it would feel as satisfying.

When you study, you set a goal (a qualification) and work toward it. Generally, the goal is broken down into distinct and achievable steps – a series of subjects or units for example. If you happen to fail at one step, usually you can try it again, without the need to start over. These are progressive short-term goals toward the final achievement of your ultimate goal.

But even further, with each of your subjects you take lectures or classes. This is the learning process, also a fundamental requirement of success. You didn’t turn up on the first day thinking that you knew it all and could do it by yourself. You receive help and guidance from your teachers, who help you and prepare you to succeed. If you get stuck you can ask for assistance; teachers won’t do it for you, but can point you in the right direction.

In martial arts the journey to black belt is made up by a predetermined number of steps (belts) to get there. In music you can sit exams that demonstrate your growing mastery. As a parent, you guide your child through the steps of life and into adulthood. In business you move up the ladder of increasingly difficult and demanding roles with increasing levels of authority and accountability. At each step you have teachers, mentors and friends. Use them.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way.


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  1. paulhassing Says:

    Amen! 🙂

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