Be careful what you wish for

Enjoying today

We spend so much time trying to set up our lives to provide our future selves with the things that we think we’ll want, that we miss out on moments we should enjoy today. When we get ‘there’ we find ourselves disappointed and wanting more, even if our past selves delivered what we promised.

What we do get are things we never thought we wanted. We feel happy but somehow unfulfilled. We now want more for our next future self. Someday we’ll be satisfied and someday we’ll enjoy life, whenever that will be.

As teenagers we may have hated the thought of ending up as boring adults. We wanted to live the fast, self-indulgent life forever. When we became boring adults, those ordinary things like buying a house and having children were milestones more meaningful than our teenage selves could have imagined.

Today is a transition zone to tomorrow, where we’ll be satisfied and happy.

We can have anything except extra time.

What are you wishing for?

More importantly, what action are you taking?


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2 Responses to “Be careful what you wish for”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    A salutary warning, WLB2. People would do well to heed your words. Many thanks for the heads-up. Best regards, P. 🙂

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