Positively successful

Glass half full or half empty?

We create success or failure according to our most prominent thoughts. When thinking about ourselves, our lives and future prospects, which is stronger – success or failure, positive or negative, optimism or pessimism?

Everybody runs the spectrum of positive and negative thoughts. With everything that goes on in our lives and the myriad of external influences over which we have limited or no control, it would seem impossible to maintain a permanent state of happiness and positiveness. We enjoy moments of euphoric joy and excitement and moments of depression and disappointment.

Taking away the extremes, it’s possible to determine whether a person is generally positive or negative in their thoughts, behaviour and composure. Some see the bad side to everything, refuse to try because they will most certainly fail and struggle through each day with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Others have a positive outlook on life and face the world with enthusiasm and excitement. Each day is an adventure with the probability of moving towards their goal, achieving something significant and learning from their experiences.

If your mind is usually in a negative state, the occasional positive thought isn’t sufficient to attract success. Negativity and scepticism can be a habit that’s hard to break. It appears to be socially unacceptable to many to admit happiness or enjoyment of work and life.

How are you? Not bad (a double negative), alright for a Tuesday I guess, fair to middling, could be better, will be better next week, not real well … and many other similar negative sentiments. Misery enjoys company and if you’re not careful will drag you down into a mire of negativity that kills motivation, creativity and achievement.

This results in feeling sorry for yourself or blaming the world or others for everything that has ever gone wrong in your life. This leaves an undertone of helplessness and hopelessness that precludes taking responsibility for yourself and what happens to you. You become a victim at the whim of circumstance and taken advantage of by others.

We all know people that appear to attract such negative results that just about everything seems to go wrong. They embrace failure with enthusiasm and find great solace in telling others about it and having them feel sorry for them. A self-perpetuating cycle of negativity; the glass isn’t just half empty, it’s smashed on the floor.

Others appear to be ‘blessed’ and everything they touch turns to gold. They’re happy and positive and seek the best from life and usually get it. When things go wrong they see this as a setback, not a failure; there’s a positive correlation between attitude and success.

Taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, attitudes and results is one of the fundamental keys to success. If it’s to be, it’s up to me.


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One Response to “Positively successful”

  1. paulhassing Says:

    Never seen ‘not bad’ as a double negative. I should, though, I’m a jolly copywriter! Many thanks for the doubleplus good fresh perspective, WLB2! Best regards, Unsad Unsack. 🙂

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