Consciously successful

… consciously and with purpose

In our last post we discussed the importance of positive thinking and how it clears the pathway to success. The next key is to use will power and continuous activity to reach success. Every outward manifestation is the result of applying your will, but this is not always used consciously.

Mechanical will allows us to function within our comfort zone, responding to the familiar and supporting the status quo. Conscious will is used to enact change; it’s ‘swimming upstream’ and requires determination and effort. Just ask anyone who’s tried to lose weight or give up smoking.

Conscious effort is going against your programmed habitual response. This is what’s required for change; saying no to your favourite food, going for a walk rather than relaxing on the couch or reading rather than watching TV. It takes action. We don’t set goals for things we do every day; it’s the things we wish to change that require conscious effort. The source of your success is volition.

Conscious willpower is a vital force accompanying determination and effort. This is the source of your personal power. Apply it to your goals by selecting something you currently can’t do. Select something small to start; as your confidence grows you can set the bar higher.

Set something that is realistic, achievable and important to you. Refuse to submit to failure and devote your energy to achieving one thing at a time. Do not divide your focus or energy and don’t leave something half done to begin something new.

Decide. When you decide, you make a commitment and cut off any other outcome as acceptable. Don’t say ‘I will try to’ or ‘I would like to’ or ‘I will start to’ because this is not a commitment. Say ‘I will do this’, and it works best when you add ‘by this date’.

What can you commit to do today to take your first step towards your goal? And when will it be done by?  If those questions makes you nervous, good – this is the first step outside your comfort zone. Will you follow through? That depends on how important the goal is to you and whether you’re really ready to change. So are you?


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