Prosperity consciousness

Unlock your limitations

When it comes to the prosperity, or lack of it, what you create is determined by your vision and the strength of your beliefs. Now that doesn’t mean idle dreams or empty wishes, but your actual vision.  It may be monetary, spiritual, physical, emotional, a sense of achievement or fulfilment.   It may be your career, sport, hobby, family or relationships. It may be big or small. It will usually be a combination and it will be unique to you.

Here’s the problem. It’s easy to be caught in the flow of life and fail to understand that we win, lose or remain where we are as a consequence of our thoughts and actions.

It’s easy to believe that ‘going with the flow’ will lead to happiness and success. That rarely happens. The flow has enough form to provide a comfortable and satisfying life; this is the structure of society that provides a safety net for those in need. We can be subdued by the warm waters and float along happily passing the time.

For some this is enough.  But many yearn for more and feel the emptiness of a nice but not exceptional life. They want more and look to society to provide it. This isn’t unexpected; we’ve been brought up to live by the majority’s rules. And when we want more this can be viewed with scorn by others who want us to be just like them, floating along, not creating any waves.

Most will say they want more but aren’t prepared to do anything about it. Strength of mind, a challenging goal, taking action and the possibility of failure are not risks some are prepared to take. So they stay in their comfort zone, and be happy when others do the same.

They will speak of luck, fortune and chance.  They will blame their history, opportunities, society, destiny or fate; anything other than taking responsibility for themselves. They will be swallowed up by the ‘system’, plodding through their daily existence, looking for someone to tell them what to do and what to think next.

To them it’s comforting to think that wealth, success, and happiness are the result of luck.  Because even though they don’t have these things and don’t expect they ever will, they take solace in the belief they never had a chance.  They‘re jealous of the lucky ones and absolve themselves of any responsibility for their own lives of quiet desperation.

By contrast, some ‘lucky’ few will break away with the determination to take the path less travelled and chase their success.

The path you choose, your action, results and consequences are up to you. What are you prepared to risk for success?


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