Look for opportunities and select those that empower your life

Go with the flow or seek out success?

Your success in life doesn’t only depend on ability, training and experience; it also depends on your determination to accept the right opportunities presented to you. Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance.

Be open to opportunities and pursue those that are right for you. Each needs to be carefully considered. Some may appear right, but their timing isn’t. Others may seem positive but the costs in time, effort or money don’t make them worthwhile.

Consider the balance of your life and decide what makes sense; can you really take on a new business opportunity requiring many hours work if you currently work full time and have a young family? Could you instead break the opportunity into smaller parts that you can fit into your life? Successful people are defined in equal measure by what they do and what they choose not to do. Knowing the difference requires determination and experience.

Only you can decide what’s right for you. Listen to your intuition; ‘go with your gut’ is another way of saying this. Does it feel right or not? Does it align with your major purpose, or is it a distraction?  Saying no to some activities to open the way for others is smart. Some people take on so many things that nothing ever gets finished.

We create the opportunities presented to us, not by some magical process of wishing for good luck, wealth or success, but by every decision – large and small – we’ve made in our lives and what we’ve learnt from the results.

We experience, learn and grow and then make better decisions. If we view life through a positive lens we’re more open to receive opportunities. I believe that many opportunities fly by us during our lives and most people are oblivious to them, afraid to take them or happy in their comfort zone. If the opportunities excite you and feel right then grab them; you’ve earned the chance, so use it to your best advantage.


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