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Time for life

October 30, 2012

Do you have time for life?

The gift of time brings a sense of opportunity but its value depends on how we use it.  We recognise that time is exceedingly precious. Yet our preoccupation with recapturing good times past or dreaming of the future detracts from living fully in the now.

In ten years many of us would give almost anything to be back here, again, to live the decade over. To do the things we promised ourselves we would.  Time is one thing that even the wealthiest can’t buy; time is provided to all in equal measure.

Most of the world’s great religions and philosophers focus deeply on an awareness of life’s brevity. Those who regard life as only a stage in an endless existence, and those who don’t look to prolong its significance beyond death, agree on recognising time’s immense worth.

In our lives deadlines are often set by others and carry consequences for non-achievement.  We feel the pressure of time and our priorities shift to meet it. It’s difficult to apply the same pressure to ourselves, even when the achievement of our personal goals is fundamental to our self-worth, feelings of success and happiness.

Time ceases to exist for those who fail to use it wisely. It slips past the listless, the distracted or those who simply react to what life throws up to them. These people believe they’ve got no time because they don’t account for the time they waste.

There are those that through idleness spend their days ‘killing time’. They look for opportunity to be handed to them, frequently missing the chance through distraction, ignorance or laziness.  Those that use time well must apply it to a definite purpose and harness the effort required for attaining great goals.

Can you ‘make time’ for your life’s purpose? Do you focus on the urgent rather than the important?  Does your life get in the way of you living? Can you set some time aside for those things that make you happiest? What will you do about it today?


Are you having a successful year?

October 22, 2012

Are you heading towards your goals or taking a detour?

Isn’t this year going quickly?

How often do we say that?

Usually we say it because there’s things we wanted to do but haven’t and there’s only a few months left. Does that mean we have the same goals for next year? What will we tell ourselves when New Year’s Eve rolls around?

On New Year’s Eve we look to the future. It’s often with a sense of relief that we turn from the retrospect of the last days of the old year and greet the New Year with enthusiasm. Turn the page; things will be different next year!

For some it can be a time of great celebration for a year well lived with progress and achievement. For others, it’s a time of regret for what we didn’t quite get around to during the year.

Was it a great year, or just a waste of time?

It’s rarely that black or white. However, the end of the year brings our progress, or lack thereof, into sharp report. It’s the one time of year when most hold themselves accountable for the slippage of time and the things that may have been. We’re one year older and, for many, a slice of the dream has crumbled away from the big picture life plan. And it comes back to time.

A year’s an appropriate length of time to mark our journey through the world.  Our age is readily linked to our progress and used as a comparison point against others. A year is long enough to achieve many things but short enough to quickly pass beneath us as we get caught up in the daily activity of living.

‘I just don’t know where this year has gone’ is a familiar cry as the year draws to a close. ‘It will be different next year’ … but it rarely is. There’s never a better time to start/continue/do something than right now. What are you waiting for?

Where is happiness?

October 8, 2012

Happiness makes us smile

In previous posts we’ve talked about ways to define happiness. Where do we look to find it?

The universe reveals nothing to the unprepared. We see only the patterns we seek. Our mind imposes its order on everything. The act of knowing is essentially the processes of forming what we experience to fit into what we perceive, right or wrong, black or white, happy or sad.

If we’re to grow we must push our boundaries. We must expose ourselves to the consequences of our actions; set goals and accept success or failure and its impact on our satisfaction, achievement and happiness.

If success comes from achievement, satisfaction from reaching our goals, and rewards from winning, then is happiness linked to a future state of achieving all of our dreams?

Of course not.

You’ll find happiness in the simple things that life has to offer. Your partner, children, the company of friends and colleagues, the satisfaction of small achievements and trivial material things – these are some of the simple things that capture the essence of happiness. Success and fulfilment may amplify happiness but they‘re not its foundation.

Real happiness comes from within and is not a game of comparisons. Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success.

The energy flow

October 1, 2012

The flow of success

A dream is a wish without substance or restraint.

A wish is a desire without the application of energy.

A desire is a goal without a timeline.

A goal is action without commencement.

Action is success without completion.

Success is the realisation of a dream.