Time for life

Do you have time for life?

The gift of time brings a sense of opportunity but its value depends on how we use it.  We recognise that time is exceedingly precious. Yet our preoccupation with recapturing good times past or dreaming of the future detracts from living fully in the now.

In ten years many of us would give almost anything to be back here, again, to live the decade over. To do the things we promised ourselves we would.  Time is one thing that even the wealthiest can’t buy; time is provided to all in equal measure.

Most of the world’s great religions and philosophers focus deeply on an awareness of life’s brevity. Those who regard life as only a stage in an endless existence, and those who don’t look to prolong its significance beyond death, agree on recognising time’s immense worth.

In our lives deadlines are often set by others and carry consequences for non-achievement.  We feel the pressure of time and our priorities shift to meet it. It’s difficult to apply the same pressure to ourselves, even when the achievement of our personal goals is fundamental to our self-worth, feelings of success and happiness.

Time ceases to exist for those who fail to use it wisely. It slips past the listless, the distracted or those who simply react to what life throws up to them. These people believe they’ve got no time because they don’t account for the time they waste.

There are those that through idleness spend their days ‘killing time’. They look for opportunity to be handed to them, frequently missing the chance through distraction, ignorance or laziness.  Those that use time well must apply it to a definite purpose and harness the effort required for attaining great goals.

Can you ‘make time’ for your life’s purpose? Do you focus on the urgent rather than the important?  Does your life get in the way of you living? Can you set some time aside for those things that make you happiest? What will you do about it today?


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