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Be happy today, don’t wait until tomorrow

November 12, 2012


The hippies were right!


Focusing on today can bring more happiness than dreaming of tomorrow.

One reason we have so much trouble achieving peace of mind is that we’re not present in our life as it is now. We spend our time worrying about the future or living in the past.

How many times have you said, ‘I will be really happy when …’? Well, what about really being happy now?

A good place to start is appreciating your life as you live it. We all need to make plans for the future but how much time do you spend making plans and how much actually here, in the now? We need to find the balance.

Total mindfulness is a nice concept but difficult to achieve with the requirements of modern life. Perhaps there’s an activity in your life when you can be totally present in what you’re doing? For me it’s surfing. I go out early, before the crowds, and try to clear my mind. I feel the rhythm of the ocean, the breeze across the water and the warmth of the sun on my skin and enjoy the flow of the wave. I feel totally free in that moment.

In looking for truth, peace of mind and the happiness we know we deserve, we think our prize should be something special, and something to be reached with hard work at some unknown point in the future. When, in reality, happiness can be as simple as an accepting awareness of the present.

The more we look for what’s lacking, the more we miss what’s right in front of us now. Our family, friends, health, youth, social life, meaningful work and support for others are all things we can enjoy today. Forget deferred happiness, be happy now.

Sometimes you need to take a breath, sit back, and stop looking for anything outside this moment.


Life balance and personal happiness

November 7, 2012

Does balance bring you happiness?

The idea of life balance, happiness and the promise of the freedom they provide is a universal desire but most people just don’t know where to find it.

Life balance and happiness is not necessarily dependant on earning more money, having an expensive car, or being successful in business. Other less obvious factors can have a much greater impact on our well-being.

Our age and stage-of-life can affect what makes us happy, along with our personality, personal history and life experiences. Life balance is changing and different for each of us; there’s no single model or ‘out-of-the-box solution’ that’s right for our entire life.

The search for balance is further complicated because personal well-being is given a very low priority at work, in schools and even in the social environment. Particularly for men it can be a taboo topic, so balance and happiness can be largely ignored or relegated to ‘I really need a holiday’ comments.

Consequently we don’t find it easy to identify or understand the issues which underpin our life balance and happiness. With effort and personal reflection it can be understood, planned and achieved like any other important goal in life.

The answer is not in a book or in a blog. It’s different for each one of us. As I’ve said, there’s no ‘cookie-cutter’ solution that can be applied to find the answer, so you must be prepared to look within.

However, there are clues that can assist on your journey of making changes towards a happier, more balanced life. We will explore this over the next series of posts, so stay tuned!