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Getting what we want

December 17, 2012
Living the life we really want

Living the life we really want

Hello everyone. It’s been several weeks since I last posted and much has happened in just a few short weeks. After a  holiday in Hawaii considering what’s truly important in life I returned home and left my corporate job of 13 years.

I plan to live my life to the values that I discuss in this blog. To be true to myself focusing on things that inspire, excite and motivate me. It will be an interesting journey and one I’m very excited about.  Writing is a big part of my future so 2013 will be bigger and brighter for this blog!

Please feel free to comment, ask questions and let’s get the dialogue going. Thanks!


Can we get what we want?

We feel happy when we get what we want.  But what do we want? And how do we know when we get it? And then what?!

Consider the first statement above; the keyword is ‘want.’ The problem is that many of us have an ever expanding list of wants, despite our results on the first few items on our list. Not achieving the first item, despite our best efforts, doesn’t prevent us from adding more goals. So, often our list of wants increases disproportionately to our achievements, potentially putting happiness and fulfilment further out of reach.

As we’re exposed to media coverage, advertising and the successes of others we’re ‘sold’ on how great it feels to be successful and how this leads to happiness. Advertising shows us how successful we’ll feel wearing ‘that’ brand of watch, perfume, designer wardrobe or driving a luxury car. We expect satisfaction and happiness from achieving career and financial success.  We compile a list of endless and unrealistic wants, until life becomes an endless race to fulfil our desires. Even when we do achieve our goals, bigger ones emerge before we’ve even had the time to enjoy our achievement!

We can’t be happy if we want more than we have. Contentedness is the gateway to happiness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting, just as long as it provides a motivating force. Wants that are aspirational goals to test ourselves can bring happiness and fulfilment, in the process of going after them, as well as the result.

Happiness is a personal decision. We’re in charge of our own lives. If we truly want to be happy, we’ll enjoy what we have, not worry about what we don’t and use our goals as motivation for further achievement and success.

Live in the moment. Enjoy the process. Find happiness all along the way.